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  1. TipisMontrose has what your business needs to succeed and grow, reasonable cost of doing business, extensive infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce, and an exceptional quality of life.

    Our growing, diverse population has brought worldwide cultural and lifestyle opportunities to our quaint western Colorado town! Read More
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  1. Mayfly Outdoors

    $50,000 to Mayfly Outdoors!

    MEDC presents check for $50,000 to Mayfly Outdoors. Read on...
  2. Montrose

    Montrose is proud to be listed as one of the Safest Cities in Colorado.

    Montrose! BackgroundChecks.org listed us as "One of the SAFEST" cities in Colorado 2016! Read on...
  3. Colorado Yurt

    Congratulations to MEDC Investor: Colorado Yurt Company!

    Colorado Yurt Company wins the Winter 2016 People & Planet Award. Read on...
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