Why Invest in MEDC?


Focus areas include: 

        * Retention/Expansion of Existing Companies
        * Attraction of Targeted Companies
        * Entrepreneurial Job Development
        * Agricultural Development
        * Work Force Enhancement

MEDC dedicates its time and effort to provide economic diversification and stabilization to all of Montrose County.  Our key focus is on existing business expansion and job retention, as well as new business attraction and job creation. We stand ready to assist business startups and encourage the creativity of our local entrepreneurs.  To do this we work at identifying the resources necessary for these entrepreneurs to turn their plans and inventions into reality.  This can only be achieved through collaboration and a unified effort from our economic development partners and the leaders of our community. 

MEDC is involved in regional efforts to improve the infrastructure of Montrose in areas such as broadband initiatives; to increase available bandwidth to enable global communications, Key Industry meetings; to increase opportunities for businesses to obtain greater profitability and growth, identifying sources to increase access to capital, and working with our regional partners to improve transportation systems.  All of these factors are necessary in order for our community to achieve sustainability. 

Only a small percent of MEDC's activities involve providing monetary assets such as cash grants, loans or land.  The day-to-day activities consist of connecting people to resources and acting as a liaison between entities.  MEDC meets with individuals who want to share their business startup ideas with us and we provide them with guidance as to "next steps".  In addition, MEDC produces economic impact analysis information for various businesses or individuals.  MEDC researches the most current demographic data on a regular basis and updates MEDC's website on the Montrose Portal accordingly.  We also provide demographic information via our website, in person or by phone for those requesting it.  Issues on marking, small business loan programs, grants and business information are fielded through our office. 

MEDC is the institution recognized by the State of Colorado as the economic development resource for Montrose.  We work continually with the Governor's Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), the Economic Developers Council of Colorado, as well as the Governor's Energy Office (GE).  These venues provide opportunities that allow MEDC to assist businesses of all sizes.  We are the voice for business and an advocate for the creation of jobs.